Our Story


Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals is a small organic skin care company based in Southern Oregon. Since 2000 we have been hand crafting high-quality, nutrient-dense skin care products which can be found in health food stores across the country.

It was a natural progression for us to use our passion, experience and expertise of healing botanicals and apply them to the hemp & CBD industry. Please take the time to explore our carefully selected ingredients, all sustainably sourced and mindfully selected to support and balance the body.

Our own loving hands carefully blend, pour, label and pack each and every Inesscents product. We make everything in small batches, ensuring quality and freshness. Our dedicated staff has been working together for many years and are masters of their crafts. Absolutely no animal testing is done on any product we sell, and all of our ingredients are true to the source.

What We Live By:

  • We take pride in maintaining the therapeutic integrity of our products.
  • We believe in the wisdom of the Earth’s medicines and strive to protect their perfection.
  • We use minimal processing and support organic and fair-trade practices.
  • We take care in sourcing the highest quality and nutrient dense superfoods for the skin.
  • We actively (and pro-actively) do our part to be stewards of our planet and it’s people.
  • We treat our employees like family, and our customers like family too.
  • We learn from the past, look towards the future and always aim to stay fresh, innovative, creative and inspired.

When you purchase Inesscents products you’re doing more than just nurturing your body. You’re also supporting fair trade practices, our global network of organic farmers, conscious consumerism, the revival of ancient botanical wisdom & changing the way the world does business. Now that’s something to feel great about!

-The Inesscents Family

*All Inesscents CBD products are maufactured with less than 0.3% THC.