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​Which CBD Blend is Right for You?

​Which CBD Blend is Right for You?

Posted by Lindsey Holy on Nov 2nd 2018

In our last blog, we spoke about how to choose a CBD Brand. You learned that when you buy with us, you are supporting an ethically driven company that holds great reverence for Mother Nature. Our topical CBD salves and elixirs are infused with high potency, hemp derived, full spectrum CBD made from agricultural hemp. We have bended this revolutionary extract with organic herbal infusions and essential oils to provide optimal results.

What Inesscents CBD blend is best for you?

Let’s explore our four dynamic blends.

Moontime Harmony – This blend was originally formulated to support women during their monthly cycle, but can also be used all over the body to ease tension and promote deep relaxation. The botanical balance of this blend is extremely aromatic, perfect for when you are feeling a little extra sensitive and need some deep nourishment to soften and soothe the body and soul. Cayenne and ginger help heat things up and get energy flowing. Clary Sage, geranium and lavender’s divine alchemy help bring harmony to our emotional body. PLUS, our powerful herbal super infusion (including high potency Full Spectrum CBD CO2 extract) makes it all come together in sensory excellence.

Hot Freeze – Most of us need a little extra comfort once and a while. Like the day after you decide to run the extra mile, lift the extra weight, or extend your hike to explore the new terrain. Inesscents Salvation CBD Hot Freeze Skin Salves and Elixirs were carefully crafted for the moments in life when we need something that can penetrate deeply into our skin, allowing some reprieve to help move throughout the day. This potent topical blend showcases a combination of warming and cooling botanical oils including cayenne, clove, black pepper, menthol and peppermint. These powerhouse oils are added to our exceptional eight herb oil infusion along with distilled and filtered Full Spectrum CBD extract making it highly concentrated and able to pass through many layers of skin.

Skin Nourishing + Skin Nourishing Extra – We are relishing in the botanical bounty that is captured in our Skin Nourishing salves and elixirs. The deep green hue reminds us of the color of nature, energy and rejuvenation. The elements and ratios in this blend were carefully hand selected and mastered to nourish and support the skin. Calendula, chickweed, lavender and tamanu work their magic while arnica, turmeric, chamomile and helicrysum make it an exceptional choice as a general first aid remedy. In this formulation, we use Whole Plant Complex CBD extract which retains beneficial phytonutrients such as plant sterols, terpenes, chlorophyll and naturally occurring vitamin E, making it ideal for topical skin issues. This blend is perfect for the young or elderly and those with skin sensitivities due to its gentle and effective supportive properties.

Every ingredient we use is selected for its unique therapeutic properties. It’s more than just CBD. The magic is in the botanical synergy that is created when the ingredients work together harmoniously. From start to finish Inesscents sources ethically, protects the purity of the plant medicine, provides full traceability of all CBD products, markets from a truthful platform, and guarantees the highest quality hemp derived topical CBD products available. 

*All Inesscents CBD products are maufactured with less than 0.3% THC.