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Inesscents: A B Corporation

Inesscents: A B Corporation

Posted by Lindsey Holy on Mar 18th 2019

B-Corps prioritize people over profits by giving back to their communities, empowering their employees and ensuring everyone just treatment along the supply chain. This is known as triple-bottom line principals and it is how we operate here at Inesscents.

Being a B-Corp has provided us the tools to fulfill our mission as a company that engineers it’s success measures not solely around profit and has brought us together as a staff and as a community in more ways than we can count.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

In 2017 we were awarded “Best of the World- Environment” by B-Corp. This was a high honor because we didn’t create these practices in hopes to win an award, they were simply a part of our backbone operational principals.

  • We use recycled, recyclable, and/or food-grade containers for our entire product line.
  • We partner with local businesses and pick-up their sustainable packaging material which we then re-use to ship our orders. Why waste our earths precious natural resources when we can support our local stores in reducing their recycling time/efforts and reuse of perfectly sound boxes?!
  • In our warehouse, you will find non-toxic cleaning supplies, sustainable kitchen products, 100% recycled unbleached office paper and recycling bins distributed throughout.
  • Our employees practice energy conservation by using water only when needed, shutting lights off when not in use and unplugging from outlets at the end of each day.
  • We use natural light when appropriate and open our doors and windows for ventilation on beautiful Oregon days.
  • We are a Clean Energy business and EPA Green Power Partner - Clean Energy Partners run their businesses on 100% renewable energy and commit to promoting sustainability to their customers, employees and in their communities by supporting clean energy in collaboration with Arcadia Power.

Community Friendly Practices

We were also awarded “Best of the World- Community” in 2017. We achieved this by allowing employees the freedom to choose how, where and when to volunteer their time and keeping an open dialogue around the warehouse about how we could/can/will support one another when a team member is passionate about a project they want to see succeed! Our collective total volunteer hours for 2017 equates to 475 hours - for such a small team, we were pretty amazed how much time we collectively donated.

2017 + 2018 Community Outreach Projects

Here is how we donate our time to our community on the reg:

  • High School Soccer Team
  • Local Community Theatre
  • Local Animal Shelter
  • Elementary School - End of Year Events Support Staff
  • Ashland High School - Chaperoning Events
  • Ashland Schools Fundraising Efforts
  • Elementary School - Helmet Safety Class
  • Hosted 4 free community Concerts
  • Helping neighbors, terminally ill and underprivileged community members with free yard care services (hauling, weeding, mowing, etc.)
  • High School Football Team
  • Hosted Free Local Art Shows
  • Humane Society Volunteer Program

2019 Continued Community Outreach

We will...

  • Continue allowing the freedom for employees to inspire their community service projects based on their personal vested interests in and around our Ashland home. We are blessed to have a staff with a wide variety of passions and talents from music, acting, dancing, art, yoga, gardening and more.
  • Maintain an open dialog of ongoing events and opportunities where we can step in and offer support. We hold staff meetings to outline volunteer ideas and choose projects based on where and how we can offer the greatest impact.
  • Work together. Volunteering our time as a crew not only helps us serve our community effectively but also supports us as a team and encourages company employee rapport and mutual respect amongst our staff members.
  • Sponsor our first athlete, Ailrick Holy. Ailrick is a 29 year old engineer based out of Portland, Oregon. This amazing human caught our attention as not only does he truly work it on the race track, he volunteers his free time at OMSI, advocates for women in business - works hard and plays hard. This is the first time that we have chosen to sponsor someone, and we are anxiously awaiting his big #BostonMarathon2019 debut! 
  • SUPPORT EACH OTHER! Our amazing president Amber Ashley has been supporting us to no end this year. We all got passes to a local yoga studio just a block down the road from the warehouse. We have been supporting one of our co-workers who is a teacher there, and also getting in some amazing play time with one another. Amber is such an inspiration when it comes to supporting her health and well being and she is truly encouraging us to do that as well. 
  • Celebrate accomplishments! As we succeed in all our work, we make time to acknowledge one another. This happens every day! From getting a massive order fixed and shipped rounding in high-fives for a job well done to honoring success in outside activities; we truly are a family here.

Best of the World Practices

So how is all of this evaluated and awarded? B-Corp runs an extensive “Impact Assessment” test to ensure that each company walks it talk.

It is commonplace for business leaders to discuss how they minimize the harm their businesses do to communities and the environment. But a small group of pioneering businesspeople (like us!) are setting the bar higher. Instead of minimizing harm, we seek to maximize the positive impact of our business. We limit negative externalities, and actively + purposefully seek a regenerative local economy by operating our business in a more thoughtful and rigorous way.

The B Impact Assessment evaluation highlights the businesses that B Lab has determined have scored in the top 10% of all Certified B Corporations. Companies that have scored in the top percentiles across most the assessment’s categories, based on company size, are honored as “Best for the World - Overall”. It’s safe to say we will be working hard to win this category again this year by maintaining our mission and creatively envisioning a brighter future for all.

Not only are we proud to B, we also want to take a moment to honor B-Corp for their efforts in seeking to create standards for better business practices. We would also like to shout out to B-Corp Certified businesses everywhere and to B-Corp allowing us to B all that we can B.

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